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Our specialized general  dentist can preform all dentistry right here in our office.  

We offer dental exams, digital xrays, dental cleanings, porcelain crowns and fixed bridges and even dental implants to all our patients. Want that Hollywood smile? Ask about our about dental specials on teeth whiting and bleaching. We can offer the best dental treatment to whiten your natural as white as you want, or as bright as they can be. Our general dentist Dr. Gabriel Jaramillio D.M.D also provides a beautiful and natural dental veneers that will produce a natural look and white smile just like a celebrity.

What causes dulling and discoloration of teeth?
Age, staining, or chemical damage are all factors in what causes teeth to become discolored. Staining or dullness can be a result of smoking or drinking coffee and/or tea on a regular basis. Teeth whitening is often the best option for solving tooth discoloration. our dentist and our experienced hygienist will help you get the bright and health smile you've always wanted. 

What is bonding typically used for?
Bonding consists of repairing and/or changing the color or shape of a tooth through use of a tooth-colored composite resin. Our dentist will use a composite resin that is often used in repairing chipped or broken tooth-surfaces, as well as a tooth-colored filling for small cavities.

What can be done for missing teeth?
Our dentist Dr.Gabriel Jaramillo D.M.D specializes in dental implants and missing teeth. Missing teeth can be replaced through the use of fixed dental bridges, dental implants, or partial dentures. Dental Bridge can fill spaces left by lost teeth, as well as provide support for teeth that surround the empty space. A dental Implant is another recommendation made by our dentist to fill these spaces.

How can jagged teeth be corrected?
Corrections to jagged teeth can be made through reshaping, or contouring, of the front teeth by utilizing sanding discs. Our cosmetic dentist,  will be able to create a natural look with existing teeth, without even anesthesia for the procedure.

I was told I have a week biting surface, what can be done?
A stronger and more durable biting surface can be produced through the application of dental crowns to the teeth. Our general and cosmetic dentist, 
 Dr.Gabriel Jaramillo D.M.D, will place Dental Crowns over the your tooth or teeth, replacing most of its enamel, and can also be used for cosmetic improvements. 
Our dentist have over 35 years experience in Fort Lauderdale to Boca Raton, Deerfield beach, pompano beach and Margate areas,our dentist have been helping our patients  to live live to the full with only the best quality dentures and general dentistry.

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